Storage is available only to those who are currently storing with us.  If you would like to be added to the waitlist please contact us at

Payment for current customers is due by May 31, 2024. If payment is not received we be moving onto our waitlist.

Camp Evangeline Storage Policy 2024/2025

  • Individuals may apply to store private recreational vehicles, (as well as cars & boats) henceforth termed “RV”, in the Camp facilities over winter. Camp Management reserves the right to refuse any application on grounds it deems best for the interests and safety of the Camp. Applicants will be considered on a “first come, first served” basis. Please do not assume your acceptance. Storage of RVs must conform to the following terms, with payment of the current fee in advance:

    1. The RV or other vehicle must be placed in these facilities and removed by the owner. He or she bears full and complete responsibility and liability for any damage caused, committed or resulting from the task of storing or removing the RV to his or her own RV, to any other RV in storage and/or to the Camp facilities. Each RV owner agrees to exercise due caution in storage and removal of their RV.

    2. Owners of motorized vehicles must place an impermeable tarp under their vehicle to prevent damage to the concrete floor by oil or other fluids. All portable propane tanks must be removed prior to storage.

    3. The Camp and/or its officers and Board do not assume or accept any responsibility or liability whatsoever for any damage to, theft from, or theft of any RV stored on site. The Camp does not insure nor is it responsible for insurance on any RV; this remains the responsibility of the owner. Each owner agrees to assume full responsibility and liability for his or her RV. Each owner also accepts responsibility for settling the payment of damages to the Camp or other owners of RVs, that may occur from any damage caused by him or her or resulting from his or her RV being in these facilities. Each owner agrees that it is their responsibility, and not the Camp’s, to secure any payment of damages to their RV caused by another RV owner, or resulting from their RV being in these facilities.

    4. RVs may be placed in these facilities commencing the last Saturday of September after notifying Camp administration. Camp maintenance personnel shall be on site to oversee placement of RVs until the third Saturday in October. (The unit may be repositioned by hand to maximize storage space.) All stored units must be on site by this date except with previous arrangement with Camp management. Any unit stored after this date shall be subject to a surcharge of $25. Space is limited; therefore those not stored prior to the third Saturday in October cannot be guaranteed ample storage room.

    5. All RVs must be removed from the Camp facilities on the first Saturday in May. If the RV is not removed by this date, the Camp is hereby granted the right to remove the RV at the owner’s risk and with full responsibilities for damages still resting on the owner as stated above. Further, the owner shall be charged a fee and any costs incurred in the removal of his or her RV, as determined by the Camp Management. No unit may be removed before the set date unless prior arrangement has been made at the time of storage. This shall be possible only if no other units need to be moved beforehand. There will be a surcharge of $25 for this service.

    6. There shall be a storage fee of $270 charged for units up to 20 feet (from bumper to hitch) and a rate of $14 per foot will be charged for additional length, Motorcycle storage is $200, payable in advance. The fee for outside storage is set at $125. Those RV owners who pay the seasonal rate shall be entitled to outside storage or may pay the full rate for indoor storage. The height of the Tabernacle door is 11'9'’ and the Laurie Price Center is 9'10'’.
  • Payment

    Stacey will contact you with your total due and to arrange payment.

    eTransfer is the preferred method of payment to We can also accept credit cards and visa debit. A cheque or money order can be mailed to:

    Camp Evangeline
    309 East Folly Mountain Rd
    Debert, NS
    B0M 1G0