Seasonal Cabin Application

D32 D37
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These cabins have good bones. They just need the right family to give them some TLC. If you would like to arrange to see one of these units in person please email Stacey at

  • If yes, please tell us which church.
  • The Following rules will apply

    • - Upon possession of the cabin steps must be taken to assure the cabin is safe.
    • - If any new locks are installed a key must be provided to Camp for entry during water startups and shutdowns or emergencies.
    • - Any structural changes/improvements to the unit must be approved by the camp board or the director.
    • - No out buildings/sheds/bunkies of any kind are able to be erected.
    • - No shower or bath is to be added to the unit.
    • - A limit of 2 pets at anytime are allowed in the unit.
    • - No tents will be used for tenting unless an additional cost for tent site is paid.
    • - There are no reimbursements or taxable receipts given for repairs made to the cabin.
    • - Seasonal lease is not transferable unless approved by the board of directors.
    • - At the termination of your seasonal lease any improvements made to the cabin become property of the camp, aside from personal possessions, this would include countertops, flooring, toilets etc.