About the Camp

Camp Evangeline exists to build the Kingdom by serving as an increasingly relevant, geographically centralized, ministry and retreat centre.

Each year, hundreds of guests come for seasonal fellowship, service opportunities, discipleship, evangelism, and kingdom building events. These individuals then go back to their home churches and communities to be mentored, serve, evangelize, minister, and grow the local church and impact the surrounding community. From a central place, Camp Evangeline seeks to serve each individual, and local church, as an active ministry partner.

For over sixty years, generations have experienced life-changing service, ministry and mission. We now seek to empower a new generation of Christians as we gather, refresh, disciple, and send out our guests around the Maritime region.

Whether enjoying the centrality of a seasonal RV lot, the hominess of a new cabin, spending a day on-site, relaxing by the river, joining us for a service, or gathering for one of our excellent week-long camps, we trust that you will be refreshed and renewed.

If there is any way that we may serve you, please let us know.  We trust that the upcoming season will be one of great refreshment and empowerment.  Welcome Home!

Camp Evangeline is a ministry and retreat centre that exists to:

Provide opportunities to develop the spiritual life of our guests | Opportunities to serve, gather in worship, join in fellowship, and develop leaders and servants for the local church.

Host camps and events | We celebrate each season with camps and services with emphasis on Christian conversion, growth, and discipleship.  We also host a number of community events for local organizations as a means of serving others.

Build up individuals and the local church | We believe that the local church is the way in which God primarily builds his Kingdom.  Therefore we seek to affirm that growth by preparing individuals through teaching and practice of the Word of God, proper emphasis on Pentecostal theology and experience, and by opportunities to develop a servant’s heart.

Evangeline is served by:

Board of Directors | Amanda Evans, Ben Evans, Burton Hooper, Doris Kane, Karen Jacquard, Cyril Watkins, Andrew MacDonnell, Steve Williams.

Executive Director | Steve Williams

Administrator Assistant | Victoria Meldrum-Young