Family Camp Rates 2018

Family Camp Rental Rates
July 15 – 29, 2018

Judy Fraser Unit: $350 per week.  One room and a toilet closet. Most with bar fridges only.
Family Cabin in C row: $400 per week.  2 bedroom, heat and kitchen sitting area with sink and toilet.
Double Lodges: $300 per week.  One bedroom and a sitting room, or two bedrooms combined. No water or bathroom.
Single Lodges: $160 per week.  Bunk with a counter.  No water or washroom.
New Cabins: $300 per week.  Sink, cold water 4 beds in one room.
Maritime Cabin: $300 per week.  Kitchen and bedroom, running cold water can sleep up to 6 in some cases.
All single units: $75 per week.
Tent Sites: $20 per night
RV lots in Lower Park: $300 per week.  Power, water and sewer included.
RV lots: $250 per week, $25 per night, $45 per weekend, $65 per long weekend.  No sewer hookups, power and water included.
RV trailers in Lots A8, A9, A10, A12:  $400 per week, or $75 per night.  Showers, Washrooms and sleep from 2 – 6 people.
RV lot A11: Smaller trailer is not for rent by night but can be rented for $75 per weekend or $90 per long weekends.
D17-18 together: $450 per week.

Questions regarding nightly rentals?  Please Contact Us for more info.
Weekly Rentals are Monday – Sunday

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